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New Puzzle.
Added Visuals for player movement/Idle/HitReaction/Glide & DoubleJump.
Added Character corruption visuals over the game.
Increased some of the sound effects volume.
Gamepad buttons supported, yet no UI indicators for it yet .
Added Menu.
Increase wall slide speed.
Added Hints for first crushers area to indicate where to safely stand.
Increased Push/Pull Speed.
Fixed the camera geting too close when getting to underground section.
Fixed a Gliding bug where it stops gliding in certain areas.
Fixed a bug that caused the player to glitch glide on checkpoints.
Fixed a bug preventing the player from jumping sometimes.
Fixed the destructible box collider.
Mouse Cursor auto hide.
Thanks for all your feedback, Soul piece wouldn't improve without you !


Soul Piece V2.0.7z 647 MB
Jul 23, 2018

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